Bright Lights

Luminous Luminaries,
Heads up, scopes out, bright times acoming 🙂
Comet Lemmon and 47 Tuc globular cluster of stars and Small Magellanic Cloud dwarf galaxy - 17 Feb 2013
Incoming! Comet Lemmon and Comet Panstarrs, solar system inbounds, due for Sun rendezvous 24 March and 9 March. Whooooeee! Not linked to the Russian meteorite, and both not linked to asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby 😉 It’s always been busy up there.Metal Umberella - not needed 1 Russian meteorite bursts up in the atmosphere Russian meteorite satellite trail  Asteroid 2012 DA14 radar images - 15 Feb 2013
Climate “metal-umberella-protection-schemes” not needed either? Climate models run far too hot (even Sweden’s favourite ECHAM5 model has 2 degree error biases) , way above the  present cooling air temps. Ocean heat has flatlined too. Brighter icy times ahead?  🙂  
Metal Umberella - not needed 1 Climate models continue to run too hot as temps sink   Ocean heat levels at a 10 yr standstill  Ice Age Earth at next glacial maximum
So, bright idea?: evidence-based energy for every one! Let’s let those other 2 billion people have easy energy access too. Let’s turn off backbreaking energy-poverty renewables and turn ON easy electricity, put human well-being before feel-good energy saving schemes.
The other 2 billion collecting renewable energy biofuels   Electricity Access aroung the world   Energy Access needed for the other 2 billion   The other 2 billion happy to gain energy access too
Human Achievement Hour 4
Bright Light Brady 🙂

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