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Festive Greetings!
Human beings, I’ve been thinking. Hmm…   😉
I think therefore I blog
Top left is Everest. Behold the beauty of bare rock and ice. 3.8 billion pixels of raw reality.
3.8 Billion pixel Mount Everest
So we see. But some see ideology (and money?): “We want to tell the bigger story of climate change in the area, and we are working with Microsoft’; ‘ photographs showing the effect of climate change since 1921’. But Breashears brags: “GlacierWorks is not about advocacy or activism.” Hmm … David, any photos yet of all the advancing glaciers?
Himalayan glaciers advancing  Himalayan glaciers advancing in 2012
Lets look elsewhere. First, recently in the Media and even … in the scientific litterature!
it is evident that glacier surging is more extensive than previously reported in the Karakoram and that the number of glacier surges has increased recently,” driven, as noted above, by positive mass balances.”; the result that “the regional mass balance is just positive at +0.11 ± 0.22 m/year water equivalent.” And in further support of this finding, they write that “recent glacier expansion (Hewitt, 2005) and speed-up over the region (Quincey et al., 2009; Heid and Kaab, 2011) tally with the gain of mass calculated in this study.” ; “between 1961 and 2000, mean summer temperature declined at all climate stations (Fowler and Archer, 2006), probably resulting in a decreasing glacier melt.” Glaciers, up and down … naturally. Everest is best without the activist interests 🙂
Christmas Cells - Nikon Small World competition 2011 - a collage of mammalian cells, stained to reveal various proteins and organelles.
So, Happy Festive Season! … with no ideology or politics, just (small) worldly beauty 🙂
Glacially Active Brady

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