Night Creatures

Astronomical Critical Thinkers,
Creatures-of-the-Night, time to go hunting, under theNoteself controlNoteof science’s sword
1st up, the UKs BBC is caught closing off the scientific climate debate “28Gate“, in 2006.  
Billionaire businessman Grantham in Nature  says we are short of Phosphorus and Potash, the world’s fertilizers, but the USGS says we’ve at least 7000 & 1500 years left. Hmm …
The UN “makes up” CO2 levels for its world economic growth predictions. Bad boys. WWF-UK boss Nussbaum gets angry with UK Govt. for not forcing Brits to pay to stop his company’s collapse. Bad Green! Wind turbines cheating the UK and Danish economies. Renewable energy runs out again. Its an ill wind that blows nobody any good”  😉
World Wealth continually increases per person unaware of what governments do for or against their populations  World health rising with world wealth   
However out of the night we see brightness as world wealth increases inexorably with world health. This is in spite of what governments do to help or hinder. The same seems to go for Power Density increases and Rose’s Law of Quantum Computing too. Good! So let’s return from our night-creature hunt, for now, to enjoy some more planetary pleasures 🙂
Or why not go astronomical and look up at the beautiful eclipse sunrise and the amazing islands of magnetism awaiting our sunfilled gaze.
Total Solar Eclipse 2012 Queensland Australia  Sunspot AR1618 islands of magnetism SDO Nov 2012
Creature-of-the-Night … and Day 🙂  Brady

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