Ice Adapts

[UPDATE: (14 Oct 2012) Could Climate Catastrophism cooly calmly collapse?]
Cryogenic Connoisseurs,
The annual Arctic and Antarctic cooling championships are underway for the 5th fabulous year. Those silly shenanigans are again heating up The Media, if not our glorious globes 😉
Let’s look left. From caring California to windy Washington to balmy Britian to sunny Sweden  😉 roiling reports rolled in of rollicking record reductions, of icy escapades. (here and here and here and here)
However counter spotters of our nether regions noticed Antarctica’s antics of expanding ice and harped on about historical happenings. (here and here and here and here)
Now our northern neighbours notice natural nuances to their alarmist admonitions.            (here and here and here and here)
Oh what silly sausages we Ice Age adapted hominan humans sometimes are.
Stay skeptical and enjoy our Interglacial.
Cryo Brady

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