Curiosity, Opportunity & Innovation

Curious Critters,
Curiosity: The new Mars surface car-sized rover has touched down at 05:17 UT on Mon 6th Aug 2012; $2.5 billion in costs, 7 years to plan, 7 mins to land, 7 mins to know…WOW!

Opportunity: the other Mars rover bravely gathers it’s 9th year of successful science for us humans. However, some humans back on Earth are still taking every opportunity to spread doom & gloom even after 4800 years of failed predictions. Slow learners?  😉  
Innovation: one of the 4 hoursemen (effort, resources, luck and innovation) continually creating the increasing (and increasingly well distributed) wealth of our world … and also continually defeating our ever noisy apocalyptics. 92% of innovators are not scientists.
Hopefully smart talks like these will give pause to our current batch of misguided, noble-cause certain, morally rightous, political activist scientists. There are a lot of other professions out there (full of non-scientists) already doing a marvellous job of continually innovating to enrich and beautify our world. Let’s let them do it.  🙂
Curious Brady

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