Sparkling-Sedulous, Silly-Scandalous

Summer Scientists,
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly … so sang summer’s science song.
The Good: The Higgs Boson (filling the Standard Model) has just been found at 126 GeV (133 proton masses)  – next stop Supersymmetry? Dark Matter particles may have been found too, in galaxy clusters and in our Milky Way’s core too. The world (& India) sets another record breaking crop yield year. The Flynn Effect (highly schooled, critical thinking, scientific reasoners -below Fig 9.2) now has females passing males for first place in the most intelligent generation ever, decreasing violence & increasing democracy.  
The Bad: Psychology and neuroscience have been caught fudging data, again. Pain and Cancer researchers can’t seem to reproduce Big Pharma’s peer-reviewed science. US droughts & heat waves were worse in the 1930s & 1980s and Swedish downpours were flooding in the 1930s too. UK conference says: “A large majority of science journalists are extremely naive about scientists … fraud is “very very underreported”. Ooooo … not good.
& The Ugly:  Biofuels should again induce starvation, privation and riots in the poor of the world as 40% of the US drought reduced food supply continues to be diverted into petrol tanks “to help the poor”.  German solar power and  UK wind power  are leading to energy poverty so even western citizens are not safe from their governments’ mismanagement.
Maybe our world-worrying-warriors need to break out of their self-made save-the-world Matrix, lighten up … and … NoteMamboNote … 🙂
        Note   Note
… get out a bit more and soak up the sunny joy of living in our human wonder-world.

Summer Science Sailing Brady … and …
   … Clint 🙂

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