Going Primal

Time travellers,
Time to enjoy enjoying being a sentient human on our beautiful planet Earth. Time to revel in those simple delights of our 2 million year old hominan species. Time to go primal!

Time to meet the neighbours … and stare out into the depths of our universe. Out to the Triangulum spiral galaxy, the smaller of 3 holding our Local Group together, undisturbed, so far, on the shores of our Local Void. What a great holiday destination! 🙂         

Time to meet the locals in bouts of music and dance. Time to swim in seas glacially carved and scoured deep by our recent Scandinavian Ice Sheet.  Time to get lost in a lake 🙂

Time to indulge in the Bacchanalian delights of Swedish Midsummer Cake. Time to leave the world-worrying-warriors behind. See you summer vacationing hominans in the lake! 
 Note  Burning Bridges                     Note  European Vacation   
                                               Primally Active Brady  🙂

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3 Responses to Going Primal

  1. hi Brady! Mia here, Liam’s mum from your daughters class, kvarngardet… I want to thank you for giving me the tip ..about boys and girls with the book Male, Female ….the evolution …
    It has helped me not being so stressed over my sons behaviour in the class room .. ha ha
    I love your out look – one can only feel faith and love reading your posts – and we need that is this world. I have stopped reading newspapers . . we can get the info we need without all that drama.

    I hope you and your family is all ok! we live in the UK again … much can be said about that. still, we are spinning on the same ball …and we all want to be happy, and we all want our kids to enjoy life. Because it’s a nice experience. !

    Just popped in to say hello – – I will be back. Take care. Lots of loves/ Mia !!

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