Something Wicked This Way Comes

[UPDATE: 24 June 2012 – No UN “global governance” as Rio+20 collapses, as usual  🙂 ]
Would-be World Wulers,
Here’s a smile to whisk your worries away (h/t Josh)  🙂

It seems our humans-who-would-be-kings, our alpha male (+female) pretenders, are out on the rampage again, whipping up a storm, angling for the historically familiar goal of global tribe dominance. Welcome to the wonderful wonderland world of Rio+20.
What are they saying? : overthrow of the “current economic paradigm”and a “redesign of the world economy”. Ooooooo … sounds so … well … 20th Century 😉 Looks like our contemporary neo-malthusian meddlers are up to their old tricks again.
However, fear not! There appears to be corruption within their noble-cause ranks 🙂 
Some of our Dark Green friends are pulling back from the precipice of their own self made despair, getting step by step closer to reality, saying: their anthropocene is not human; ecologies were never stable and that humans must develop as well as increase energy and resource use to care for our Earth. Wow! Truth at last!  

Most of us African savannah bred human-apes just want to make our local territories even better places to live in. Some ape-humans will always dream up grand designs to be forced on all over the hill tribes as well. Maybe its best if they just lay on a beach pondering our Universe a bit more … leaving the rest of us to get on with our suntans. 
… and catch up on some great reading too! 🙂
    Beach Bang Brady

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