Beauty Below

Recently released, here is the “best Earth video ever” (h/t Lubos Motl)

And here is a gentle reminder of just some of what is waiting for us down there.  🙂





Even some of the humans down there seems to see optimistic possibilities for our enjoyment of this planet-


“… feeding six or even nine billion in 2100 would take far less land than feeding seven billion requires today. A greater proportion will live in cities, freeing still more land. And with more people able to afford fossil fuels, fewer will depend on forests for cooking fuel (or bushmeat), freeing still more land from human pressure. If they wear synthetic fleeces instead of wool and live in steel and concrete buildings instead of wooden ones, the footprint of their lives will shrink. Even their carbon footprint will fall as gas replaces coal and oil. Imagine, too, that water use grows steadily more efficient with the spread of drip irrigation (where water is delivered straight to plant roots from a tube, with only 10 per cent wastage), and that fish farming provides a greater part of our protein, taking pressure off wild fish stocks. It is quite possible that your great grandchildren will not only be fewer in number, but will live in a world with huge nature reserves, vast forests and rich seas.”

Beautiful thoughts (which detractors find particularly difficult to counter with facts) that increasingly point to the trends (not predictions) of a wonderful future for us humans.

What a beautiful rational world!  🙂

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