Ice Escapades

Ice Inquisitors.
[escapadea wild or exciting adventure, esp one that is mischievous or unlawful. ]
Here’s probably one of the best short episodes of highly Politicized Science that has been seen since …. oh … last week!  🙂
The famous Times Atlas has been caught out in a big Green debate about Greenland Ice.  
a) First, the press release for the New Times atlas claimed: “for the first time, the new edition of the (atlas) has had to erase 15% of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover – turning an area the size of the United Kingdom and Ireland ‘green’ and ice-free…This is concrete evidence of how climate change is altering the face of the planet forever – and doing so at an alarming and accelerating rate…We are the best there is. We are confident of the data we have used and of the cartography. We use data supplied by the US Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC)in Boulder, Colorado.” 
You’re as Cold as Ice (Foreigner 1977)  
You’re as cold as ice … you’re willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice … someday you’ll pay the price, I know
I’ve seen it before, it happens all the time …
You’re closing the door, you leave the world behind
You’re digging for gold, you’re throwing away
A fortune in feelings, but someday you’ll pay
You want paradise, but someday you’ll pay the price, I know.  😉
b) Then NSIDC sicentists complain: “While it is possible that the Times Atlas obtained data from NSIDC, they may have made their own interpretation of the data, independent of advice of NSIDC. 
c) Then the Times Atlas replies:  “we issued a press release which unfortunately has been misleading with regard to the Greenland statistics…We came to these statistics by comparing the extent of the ice cap between the 10th and 13th editions (1999 vs 2011) of the atlasThis was done without consulting the scientific community and was incorrect.” … but The Times Atlas still says: “We stand by the accuracy of the maps in this and all other editions of The Times Atlas.”  Amazing! … isn’t it hard for us humans to just say that  we were wrong.
d) James Dellingpole, in The UK Telegraph, writes a satirical piece about the next 14th edition of The Times Atlas 🙂

Times Atlas To Print New World Map Without Tuvalu, Maldives, Manhattan etc 

e) The Maldives Government doesn’t think this is funny and demands an apology
The Maldives’ acting high commissioner in London has written to the newspaper’s editor seeking a clarification and apology. “He said the post had implied that his country’s climate change plight was a con-trick, and this, he said, was despicable and hurtful.”
.”… while building 11 new airports for more future tourists: “There will be a 200 bed hotel, a yatch marina and a transit hotel in every airport in order to make the airport viable and facilitate tourism and travellers.”
f) finally … at the end of that fascinating week of Politicized Science we have this brilliant Josh cartoon satarizing the whole sorry Times Atlas saga.                 

But wait! … there’s more 🙂 from last week too. What fun! Popcorn ready? Let’s goooo….. Getting ready for the UN’s (2nd last?) climate conference, in Durban next month, the usual group of high volume (global warming) media journalists have been praising the new “independent” US Berkeley University re-examination of the worlds temperature records that proclaimed … loudly … (you guessed it) … the ice is melting … the world is warming … and no more skepticism is needed … until …2 “inconvenient truths” were noticed.
Temperatures have been flat for the last 13 years (despite CO2 going up) and THE lead group of activist climate scientists are now having doubts. How inconvenient, for the UN.

Below is part a great list (h/t Climate Depot) of boring evidence which climate catastrophists are slowly waking up to: 

1) Antarctic Ice levels are up:

2) Arctic Ice levels are rebounding –

3) Sea Levels are falling;

Hiding The Inconvenient Satellite

4) Global Cyclone activity at historical low:

5) And lets not forget the great new expose book of the UNs climate panel the IPCC:

 The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expertor watch Donna Laframboise in action:  

Yet another great week for Ice-capades!

Chilled out Brady 🙂

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