Sun Sun Sun

Solar Systemers,

In quick bursts of recent activity “light has been shed” in more ways than solar.  
Cryptic? Yes. Read and click on … with a song  😉

if the ‘deniers’ are the only ones standing up for the integrity of the scientific process, and the independence of the IPCC, then I too am a ‘denier’

UK Eco-warrior Mark “6 Degrees” Lynas has just defected to the Skeptic camp, surprised by another major IPCC blunder and consequent Green vitriol. Welcome to The Party, Pal.


7 June 2011 – A “never seen anything like this before, spectacular” amazing prominance eruption with associated solar flare imaged by the new Solar Dynamics Observatory. Incredible, especially when you consider that each of the black “drops” are Earth sized and the “splash” covers half the solar surface. WOW!

Contrary to the UN, government’s, politician’s and The Media’s long held statements of “no solar influence on Earth’s climate” … but in keeping with the Climate Skeptic/Realist decades-old position of “major solar influence on Earth’s climate” … the American Astronomical Society has just made a “major” solar  announcement predicting the slowing/halting of the sunspot cycle: 

All three of these lines of research point to the familiar sunspot cycle shutting down for a while. “If we are right, this could be the last solar maximum we’ll see for a few decades,” Hill said. “That would affect everything from space exploration to Earth’s climate.”


So, what about a Sun-Earth climate connection?  Well the hypothesis of: lower solar magnetic fields → more Earth impacting cosmic rays → more low level clouds → cooler temperatures  … still seems to be viable. Recent evidence from the CLOUD experiment at the CERN particle accellerator appears to support a Sun-Earth climate link. Time will tell.  Though I think we should still be skeptical, yet once again, of our “lovable”  😉  Media’s continuing fascination for another Global Cooling Scare. Already they are harping on about a coming Maunder Minimum II. It’s probly best to stick with a mild cooling like the 1960s. The Sun is a fickle mistress who’s ways and favours are still largely unpredictable.

However, more importantly, this Climate Scare episode in human history appears to be setting the stage for the “rules of engagement” of the globalised practice of science in this coming and wonderful 21st Century. We live in interesting times. 🙂       


And, back to you Mark, it looks like you “will not go quietly into the [Green] night”… but be warned: no fame, no fortune. The pay is lousy, the fields are muddy and the ways are dimly lit. Hand to hand combat possible, street by street fighting probable … but maybe, just maybe … a little bit of glory … long after you are dead. But hey … who wants to live forever!  😉

I’m a Denier – M4GW

Stellar Salutations,

Blinded-by-the-light Brady

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9 Responses to Sun Sun Sun

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brady, for this message.

    Probably for a noble purpose* world leaders have been quietly working behind the scenes since at least 1972 to unite the world against the imaginary threat of AGW, the “Common Enemy” selected as a “scientifically reliable” propaganda message that would eliminate national boundaries and save the world from mutual destruction in a
    full-scale nuclear war.

    Experimental data on the Sun – Earth’s heat source – have been hidden, ignored and manipulated since the time Henry Kissinger took President Nixon with him in 1972 to meet Chairman Mao and save the world.

    This paper gives a summary of experimental observations hidden or ignored since 1972 in the SECRET plan to show that Earth’s heat source is steady: Only Earth’s atmosphere changed:

    “Neutron repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal, in press (2011) 19 pages:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    *Noble Purpose: To save the world from destruction by full scale nuclear war

  2. For those familiar with the concepts of thermodynamics:

    1. Earth’s heat source: A violently unstable neutron star at the core of the Sun

    2. Giant Insulator #1: Sun’s mantle surrounding its core and atmosphere of waste products above that

    3. Giant Insulator #2: Earth’s atmosphere

    4. Giant modulator: Oceans of water

    Major AGW Flaw: The insulator that surrounds us is not Earth’s heat source.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  3. Today, as the AGW scam crumbles, a lawsuit has been filed “in federal district court in the District of Columbia to force the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to release ethics records for taxpayer-funded global warming activist Dr. James Hansen – specifically records that pertain to his outside employment, revenue generation, and advocacy activities.”

    “ATI seeks to learn whether NASA approved Hansen’s outside employment, which public financial disclosures and other documents reveal to have brought him at least $1.2 million in the past four years.”

  4. The 28 gigatons of human miscroscopic dust called Carbon Dioxide is powerless to control the temperature of 259 trillion cubic miles of mostly molten rock. There is not enought “Thermal Mass”. The Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) that CO2 ‘captures’ is in fact only ‘delayed’ by 5 milliseconds as it leaves the Earth. Not long enough to ‘warm’ anything. Sunspots produce far more ‘cosmic rays’ than the general galactic background radiation. With fewer sunspots, fewer cosmic ray particles there are fewer impacts to the fissionable elements in the Earth’s mantle. This causes planet wide cooling. The Earths fission force is under-rated by many magnitudes of force. Read about all these subjects at
    Thanks for being informed !

  5. Harry Costas says:

    Hello All

    Solar cycles and their influence over Earth’s Climate has been on the cards for decades. The key to its dynamics lies within the Sun’s core properties.

    • Thanks, Harry.

      You are right. Earth’s heat source is the core of the Sun.

      Earth’s atmosphere in the insulator that surrounds us, NOT our heat source!

      Thanks to the climate scandal, government scientists may finally be forced to address experimental data on the interior of the Sun from analysis of :

      a.) Solar wind in soils from the Apollo MIssion to the Moon [1]. and
      b.) Jupiter’s atmosphere from the Galileo Mission in 1995 [2].

      1. “Solar abundances of the elements”, Meteoritics 18, 209-222 (1983)

      2. “Isotopic ratios in Jupiter confirm intra-solar diffusion”, Meteoritics and Planetary Science 33, A97, 5011 (1998)

  6. kuhnkat says:

    Actually, the solar observations at this point seem to be similar to the early 1900’s with a little more cooling than the 70’s. Even the 70’s would reduce the agricultural output significantly. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. Unfortunately our current President Obie has shown us that Hoping is a crappy way to plan your life!! 8>)

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  8. Carl-Fredrik NB says:

    Yes! Brady, I found this very interesting 😉

    Also, the post by Joseph A Olson is very interesting, I suggest all of you CO2-the-world’s-heat-source people read it.

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