Green Machine Cracks

Earth Lovers,

It looks like the Great Mean Green Machine is finally cracking up 🙂


The obvious contradictions in the Environmental Movement: “a better environment through restrictions on economic development”, that the skeptics have been pointing at for the last 30 years, seem to be finally dawning on our Greenery.


Still no admission that they were wrong all these years and that their supposed “Problem” was already being solved …  just a slow realization that Green Solutions won’t work. Their conclusion: since Green “we’re-saving-the-world” Solutions won’t work then the world will just collapse anyway. Malthusianism doesn’t die easily. Remember this Green soul searching article from just last February from two top US environmentalists:


“Human technology and ingenuity have repeatedly confounded Malthusian predictions yet green ideology continues to cast a suspect eye towards the very technologies that have allowed us to avoid resource and ecological catastrophes. But such solutions will require environmentalists to abandon the “small is beautiful” ethic that has also characterized environmental thought since the 1960’s. We, the most secure, affluent, and thoroughly modern human beings to have ever lived upon the planet, must abandon both the dark, zero-sum Malthusian visions and the idealized and nostalgic fantasies for a simpler, more bucolic past in which humans lived in harmony with Nature.”

Now in May we have another soul searching article from the UKs top environmentalist:

All of us in the environment movement, in other words – whether we propose accommodation, radical downsizing or collapse – are lost. None of us yet has a convincing account of how humanity can get out of this mess.”  🙂

The roots of the environmental movement are based on ideas of the late 19thC Romantics of Germany, England and The US : Romanticism was a reaction against Rationalism and the Industrial Revolution, where science and logical thought had taken precedence over emotion and intuition”

Like the Hudson River School of painters who ” …embraced the wildness of the American landscape as it was being threatened by industry and technology. As changes daunted the growing nation, this group of artists wished to preserve the initial concept of the New World in its undeveloped, natural state.” The Hudson River School, William Stanley Haseltine: Alpine Scene, 1856

Perhaps the Environmentalist movement will, after 150 years, finally embrace the18thC Enlightenment ideals of reason and realise that human development is the way to expand and enhance the beauty of our Earth.

Not Green … but environmentally friendly Brady  🙂

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One Response to Green Machine Cracks

  1. Even if the Green Movement folds today, . . .

    . . . that will not restore respect for the Western scientific community, the US National Academy of Sciences, the UK Royal Society, world leaders, the UN’s IPCC, government research agencies (NASA, DOE, EPA, NOAA, NSF, etc), the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, research institutions, and once respected members of the news media that promoted:

    a.) False evidence of CO2-induced global warming, and then

    b.) A cover-up of real evidence of hidden, distorted and manipulated data.

    The Green Machine has confirmed Eisenhower’s warning in 1961 about the danger to our free society if government research funds were one day used by a “scientific-technological elite” to take control of public policy:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

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