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 Fellow Swedophiles,

For all you lovers of Swedish culture here is an example of the latest Western theatre trend to finally hit our snowy shores. Yes,  Climate Theatre is here. The west of Stockholm county Örebro is putting on a play for schools (“With His Head in a Goldfish Bowl“) that is sure to scare children all the way to their beds. But only after, of course, these children have been used for political purposes. Don’t believe me? Good, you be the judge.

New climate play in Sweden with screaming and crying Gaia, covered in returnable bottles, trying to stop fighting angry men from destroying the world - only for 9 to 11 year old Swedish school children

With His Head in a Goldfish Bowl is a play where the children will take power. It’s about: you can do anything, just to do it together … The essential perspective of the show is that kids in the audience together to write a letter [to politicians] to tell them what they want those in power to change. ” Scare them up, then use them. Yes, disgusting I think.  Especially when the scientific facts are opposed to the play’s message.

However, more rational winds of  change seem to be blowing across Merry England.  The Science blogosphere is now alive with news of a new London play called “The Heretic“.
It is seemingly the first play on any continent to incorporate the long ignored anti-global warming Science, packaged into a really good comedy. Those blasted Brits have beat the Swedes again.  🙂 

Below are just a few of the many reviews popping up all over the web.

 Climate Change Skeptics Out-Dramatize Believers in London
LONDON — Two plays about climate change hit the London stage this month, one airing the views of the convinced and the other, those of the skeptical. Both treat their subject in completely different dramatic ways, but one succeeds, while the other fails dismally

The Heretic by Richard Bean
Royal Court Theatre, London
Book your tickets now, this play is a must-see comedy.
It has everything – more accurate climate science than a BBC documentary (ok, that’s not exactly hard), brilliantly funny and wonderfully staged.
The drama centres on university climate scientist, Dr Diane Cassell, played superbly by Juliet Stevenson, whose research on sea levels in the Maldives shows no rising trend in sea levels.
the heretic billington royal court

The Heretic – review
Climate change drama is the new growth industry. But, while the National’s Greenland is entirely issue-driven, Richard Bean’s new play uses characters to explore ideas. The result is provocative, funny, contrarian and stimulating

Story Image

Having been ear-bashed and hectored about dreaded climate change in the National Theatre’s Greenland earlier this month, the Royal Court now gives a platform, albeit a satirical one, to those (like me) who are “deniers”.

Maybe a play to consider performing by all the young school age Swedish actors and actresses ? But … there .. is a bit of swearing … however, with some judicious “adjustments”, it could work! There seems to be another new climate play coming to Uppsala in March, which to all us objective-science-fanatics is like waving a red flag to a bull 🙂  But … maybe this new Uppsala Climate Play is, like a famous London musical, just about … folk dancing ?

“I shiver with antici ………….. pation”  😉
Best Heretical Regards,


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