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16 June 2010

Hi there Fans! 🙂
Here I am on my World Tour 😉

I was able to suggest that …
1) .. an English scientific critical thinking blog post…
2) … be linked to an Australian skeptic blog …
3) …. which was then linked to the largest  American scientific skeptical climate website 🙂
image                                                                                     Andrew Bolt (left), Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (right)

There is a fascinating scientific debate going on now …
… about possible warming oceans and possible ocean acidification.

I like that ALL the scientific information on a controversial/politicised topic (like ocean acidification) to be available to everybody … everywhere … then people can make up their own minds … democracy in action? … I hope so 🙂 

First in England (see the second comment)
Posted by, Brady 

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg is well know to us in Australia. He constantly preaches alarmist views and failed predictions about our dying, dead or otherwise soon to be incapacitated Great Barrier Reef:…
Some more rational aussie reef scientists, like Prof. Peter Ridd, are now starting to call Ove H-G’s bluff:…
Even tropical reef islands like our Lady Elliot Island, run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, have Climate Trails with strategically placed signs describing to parents and children how baby turtles will soon be “cooked in their shells” and all the reef will soon turn white and all the fish will die – disgusting!
All the best of luck with your new The Rational Optimist book. Many aussies like me just can’t wait to read it.…
Tuesday 15th June 2010 – 18:17pm


Then … the Australian connection:
 Alarmists all at sea

Andrew Bolt

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 11:47am

Matt Ridley has his book The Rational Optimist fact-checked by five warmist scientists, including our own alarmist, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. Conclusion:

After reading their critiques, I stand even more firmly behind my conclusion that the threats to coral reefs from both man-made warming and ocean acidification are unlikely to be severe, rapid or urgent.

He explains why. And then starts fact-checking Hoegh-Guldberg instead…
(Thanks to reader Brady.)

… and finally in America:
 Oz report – Footy at least has rules

Posted on June 16, 2010 by Anthony Watts

The Tuesday night meeting in Brisbane on the WUWT Australian tour had a bit of unexpected fireworks courtesy of Aussie reef scientist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. The meeting started off with some protestors outside holding placards with the tired old messages claiming “funding by big oil”…etc. Professor Ove actually incited this on his blog, saying that “The Climate Shifts crew and other scientists will be there en masse to record and debunk the lies that will be told.” The “en masse” was about 5, maybe 6 people by my count. Ove is the one at right below.

I’ve never met Dr Ove, never corresponded with him, and after watching his behavior firsthand, I’m not sure I would have wanted to. His behavior left me with the impression that he was the antithesis of a professional person. At least the lady from Oxfam and the fellow in the green shirt who came up to me afterwards had manners, even though they disagreed with me, and I thank them for that. Ove never made the effort to say hello.
Andrew Bolt and his readers explain it far better than I could
(Thanks to reader Brady.)
Pheww … after all that travelling ….
…it is time to take a day off today and rest in the Swedish Sun by the boat 🙂
Best regards,
Freedom of Information Brady

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