Super Massive Black Hole escaping …. from a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY :-)‏

19 May 2010

Hello Dark Hearts!  😉
It seems a few of you are interested in the recent news story about a super massive black hole escaping from a galaxy … NOT OURS!

Supermassive Black Hole

Escaped: supermassive black hole and heavyweight star
Posted: 11 May 2010

“As part of a final year project, undergraduate student Marianne Heida of the University of Utrecht has discovered what appears to be a supermassive black hole being ejected from its host galaxy.
Supermassive black holes lie at the centres of most galaxies, revealed by the strong X-ray emission thrown out as material falls into their gaping jaws.”

“The black hole appears to be in the process of being expelled from its galaxy at high speed. Given that these objects can have masses equivalent to 1 billion Suns, it takes a special set of conditions to cause this to happen. Marianne’s newly-discovered object is probably the result of the merger of two smaller black holes. Supercomputer models suggest that the larger black hole that results is shot out away at high speed, depending on the direction and speed in which the two black holes rotate before their collision. In any case, it provides a fascinating insight into the way in which supermassive black holes develop in the centre of galaxies.”
The original scientific paper is here:
Here they say that it could be one of 4 things:
“These findings make this source an unusually bright ULX, a very bright supernova, a recoiling black hole OR a background AGN (with higher luminosity).”

Sooooooo …. this seems to be another hyped media article … to sell news put out by the university’s PR department. And it has worked well!
But if you are fascinated in the way our Universe works 😉 then it is well worth the read.
Best regards,
Black hole Brady

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