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17 April 2010

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Musical Accompaniment: The Good The Bad And The Ugly
… maybe you would prefer “the classical” version:
(What a film! )
An inspiring lecture!
The Danger of Science Denial

“New Yorker staff writer Michael Specter on the dangers of real science denial: he asks why we have increasingly begun to fear scientific advances instead of embracing them.”
This is a talk that many worried people still need to hear… 
… even though the scientific evidence strongly disagrees with his “… we have used this imagination to thoroughly trash this globe … “, and the usual Green Fairy Tales of shortages: water, land, rainforests, oil etc….
…it is still an uplifting presentation.
However… none of us is perfect … except for … MEEEEEEEEEEE! 😉
“Why Worry?”

Keiji Fukuda (WHO’s top influenza expert)
We blundered over swine flu, admit health chiefs
13th April 2010

Global health chiefs have finally admitted that they may have overreacted to the swine flu ‘pandemic’ – landing governments with millions of unused vaccines.
The World Health Organisation has conceded that it may have been guilty of failing to communicate ‘uncertainties’ about how virulent the new virus was. Critics say the UN agency was too quick to designate the influenza a pandemic in June after it spread from Mexico.

“Critics have said the WHO created panic about the swine flu virus, which turned out to be moderate in its effect, and caused governments to stockpile vaccines, which went unused. Some questioned its links to the pharmaceutical industry after companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Aventis made big profits from producing H1N1 vaccines.”
A blunder … OR?

Maybe the WHO is getting a bit nervous with it’s upcoming European trial getting so near?
By the end of this month (April 2010) the EU’s Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the Head of Health for the Council of Europe, and Prof Keil, will be pushing for criminal prosecution of the WHO and drug companies for the swine flu scare.

Read Wodarg’s and Keil’s testimonies for a non-Media view of the WHO’s … (oh … how shall we put it) … incestuous? (yes, that would be about right)  … relationship with vaccine manufacturers.


Australian Environment Minister Mr Peter Garrett
Why ugly?
Well …
Let’s listen to a few reef experts … shall we? …
Farce on the Reef
“Ship on the Reef”: A critical review of this season’s rerun 
About once in a decade a ship runs aground somewhere on the Great Barrier Reef. Although this has never resulted in other than trivial damage to the reef, a three ring media circus always unfolds. Politicians posture in mock displays of righteous anger or feigned concern. Environmentalists emote predictions of dire consequences… this farce remains perennially popular.”  – Dr Walter Starck (a coral reef specialist with more than 40 years of self funded Great Barrier Reef research behind him)

“The actual physical damage to reefs from ship groundings is but a tiny fraction of 1% of the tens of thousands of hectares of reef that are reduced to rubble almost every year by tropical cyclones. Recovery in either case is similar and rapid. ”

But … how about THE OIL SLICK? … good question:
“Oil floats, coral doesn’t. The damage to reefs from oil spills is minimal and recovery is rapid. Follow-up studies of oil spills have repeatedly found that environmental recovery has invariably been much faster and more complete than predicted with the worst affects being inflicted by clean-up efforts. The use of dispersants, as was done in the current event, is only a PR stunt by government wanting to be seen to be doing something. For the reef, it is the worst thing to do.”
– Dr Starck.
And let’s have a look at the “devastating effects” of this “giant oil slick” :
… what? … you can’t see any oil here? … well …. don’t worry … nobody else can either!   

And what does Dr Walter Starck say again? …
” … there is no evidence the reef is in danger of anything … in the 1990s the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority commissioned the “Williams Report” that reviewed all the research on water quality and it concluded the reef was in ‘pristine condition’ and since then farming practices have improved.”
And is there anything else you would like to mention Dr Starck? …
 “The Great Barrier Reef is under water, remote and mostly inaccessible, so politicians can claim anything they like, but they’ve never been able to produce any evidence of agriculture damaging the reef, it’s all theoretical,”
And maybe we should also listen to a few words from another Great Barrier Reef expert? …
… Professor Peter Ridd (one of Australia’s leading Marine Physicists at James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland)
“Professor Ridd said scientists who predicted corals would be mostly extinct by mid-century had a credibility problem because the Great Barrier Reef was in “bloody brilliant shape”. He said the reef had defied predictions that it would be overwhelmed by crown of thorns starfish, smothered in sediment from river runoff or poisoned by sediment and chemicals washed on to corals from the mainland.”
“They are saying that pesticides are a problem, but when you look at the latest data, that is a load of rubbish. They are saying bleaching is the end of the world, but when you look into it, that is a highly dubious proposition. “So when something comes along like the calcification problem, you are sort of left with this wolf story . . . they are crying wolf all the time.”
… and how about a third?
Dr. Ray Berkelmansan (veteran reef scientist heading an Australian Institute of Marine Science research team) has documented astonishing levels of recovery on the Keppel outcrops devastated by bleaching in 2006.
“People say the reef is dying,” Dr Berkelmans said. “The Great Barrier Reef is 2000km long, with 3000 reefs. Are you telling me all of it is going to die? “I don’t think so. There are some areas that are naturally more resilient than others, there are some areas that see warmer temperatures less frequently because of favourable oceanography or other factors . . . We might lose species, and we might lose them at many reefs. The Great Barrier Reef would look vastly different, but the reef would still be there.”

Hmmmmm …..
Soooooooooooo …..
…. what does our Australian Environment Minister Mr Peter Garret now about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef?
(Old photo of Peter – yep, he used to be a good aussie rock star … too bad he changed professions)

… well … let’s have a listen shall we:
“Peter Garrett, the nation’s environment protection minister, told reporters that the government was concerned about the effect an oil spill could have on the environmentally sensitive reef…”
“The government has moved to protect this national treasure in recent decades, setting aside about one-third as marine reserves off-limits to fishing and other forms of exploitation. Despite these underwater parks, the reef has suffered significant declines from a combination of overfishing, fertilizer runoff from land and coral bleaching from hot water associated with global warming.”,0,1189991.story?track=rss
Ugly politics. Yep, that’s the word: ugly.

So … finally 😉 …
… “Make my day” …
… by having a good (not bad, not ugly) day!
Best regards,
Clint Brady

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