Oil Spill Natural History

[UPDATE 28 July 2010: BP oil slick disappears too quickly, when will THEY put facts before emotions?]

2 May 2010

My fellow oil lovers 😉

Is the present BP oil spill unpecedented and a castastrophe?

The evidence seems to indicate not.

Natural Causes:

“The amount that actually [naturally] seeped out is more like 11 to 110 Exxon Valdezes, just in this area.” Washburn thinks that this research will resonate among scientists who have studied oil. “I think it’s giving us a lot of insight into the fate of oil and hydrocarbons in the ocean,” the UCSB oceanographer said. “There may also be some applications for oil spills.”
The History:

It is notable that 1979 saw not only the worst ever tanker spill — the collision oif the Atlantic Empress with the Aegean Captain off Trinidad — but also the worst ever rig spill: the IXTOC1 platform off Mexico, which spilled 138 million gallons into the Gulf of Mexico before it was capped. The current spill is thought to be leaking 200,000 gallons a day. The environmental effects of the IXTOC disaster were severe, but have not proved permanent. Not that this will be of great comfort to the people of Louisiana and neighbouring states.

What do you think?

Have you seen any of this science in the current media, environmental and political panic?

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