Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

22 – 29 March 2010

On Lady Elliot beach, South Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef, Australia 🙂

But don’t forget Cyclone Ului that passed nearby just a few days before

Cyclone Ului crossed the coast over the Whitsunday Islands

Luckily Lady Elliot Island was far to the south of Ului’s path.

Suntanning in the 29 degree Trade Winds. 

Coming in for landing on Lady Elliot Island

Beautiful sunset on Lady Elliot Island

Another beautiful morning waiting on Lady Elliott Island 🙂

Blue Giant Clam on Lady Elliot Island reef.

Baby Loggerhead turtles about to be released.

Beautiful bright blue sea star

Lady Elliot Island beach, wonderful!

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