Flying High?

[UPDATE – (24 April 2010) The only specialist British ash-sampling plane was being painted! ]  

19 Aril 2010

Hello all you Jet-Setters out there 🙂
I have just got to get this written down while it is still a fresh piece of (non) science history.

(Sarcasm definitely ON!)
A Flying High movie clip to get you into the mood 🙂
*Don't Panic!*- Scene from Airplane
The Peasants are Revolting!
” Matthias Ruete, the [European] Commission’s director general of transport, criticised national air traffic authorities for relying on a single source of scientific evidence for the four day ban…He said that 40 test flights across Europe, including one by British Airways, had found no evidence of ash in jet engines, windows or lubrication systems that could pick up the dangerous volcanic particles. “There was no trace of ash at all,” he said.
(very orderly these Germans 😉
Grounded in Frankfurt. Photo: DPA
Not even a weather balloon has been sent up in Germany to measure how much volcanic ash is actually in the air,” 
“Lufthansa also flew 10 aircraft from Munich to Frankfurt on Saturday with the blessing of the safety authorities. A spokesman said: “We found no damage to the engines, fuselage or cockpit windows. This is why we are urging the aviation authorities to run more test flights rather than relying on computer models.”
Sooooo … why are all these revolting revolting people around the world … revolting?
Let’s have a listen … shall we?
“The science behind the model we are running at the moment is based on certain assumptions where we do not have clear scientific evidence,” he said.
That doesn’t sound good …
And who makes these “models”

Yep … it’s the British Met Office … you know …
… the ones that yearly predict “barbeque summers” and “snowless winters” for Britain.
Whoa … this is all starting to make sense now!  
In the long term, Mr Ruete signalled that Europe should move to a United States style system for dealing with volcanic ash. He said that America was used to dealing with volcanoes and allowed airlines to decide whether to fly based on scientific evidence.
What a brilliant idea!
Giovanni Bisignani, director-general, the International Air Transport Association, was equally scathing about the response to the ash cloud.  “This is a European embarrassment and it’s a European mess,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.
Well said!
“This decision (to close airspace) has to be based on facts and supported by risk assessment.
Another light-globe idea … WOW!
Independent aviation research group The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation has also questioned whether the restrictions could be ‘a massive overreaction of super-cautious politicians and bureaucrats who are far more concerned about their own liability’ while suffering none of the ‘financial carnage’ caused by the ban.
Oh … that can’t be right … can it? 😉
‘The public are deceived as airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, and British Airways have conducted so-called ‘test flights’ of which they claim the volcanic ash has not jeopardised flight safety. ‘These flights, in reality, are far from test flights – more of a publicity stunt – as the flights do not have any testing equipment  Nooo … our politicians wouldn’t do THAT … would they? 

Maybe a bit better communication in the model cockpit would be a good thing ?
What a wonderful world we live in! 😉
Best regards,
Boeing Brady

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