Artistic Polar Bears

[ UPDATE 28 July 2010: Polar bears increasing, how inconvenient 😉 

11 May 2010

Dear Polar Bear lovers,

This one is just for you. I thought you might appeciate this argument that is raging around the global scientific blogsphere just now. The “strongly warmist” Science journal just published a letter (252 signatories, 10% of the US NAS members ie. 90% didn’t sign) complaining about deceptive “deniers” attacking innocent climate modellers … with … (wait for it) … a deceptive photoshopped picture of a polar bear alone on a small piece of ice! 

Wonderful! It seems that the picture was a good choice to accompany the text of this Science article after all.  You just have to laugh sometimes 😀

“. . . it matters if you publish a letter of outrage, complaining about being smeared as dishonest, and yet your article is accompanied by a photograph that is tainted by the word “Photoshop” which virtually EVERYONE in today’s society knows symbolizes one big thing — WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.”

Best regards,

Polar Bear eating Brady 😉

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