Going, going, gone? – the continued riSE OF OIL RESOURCES

13 April 2010

Hello again my Peak-Oil fanatic friends 😉
Here is a recent fascinating article that should get you all “fighting fit”.
” …there have been several big deepwater discoveries in recent years. In 2007 Petrobras, a Brazilian oil giant, stunned the industry with the announcement that it had found as much as 8 billion barrels of oil at its Tupi field, 240km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The discovery, beneath 2,000 metres of water, 3,000 metres of sand and rocks and a 2,000-metre layer of salt, was touted at the time as potentially the largest offshore find ever made. Subsequent “ultra deepwater” discoveries—those in water deeper than 1,500 metres—have included finds off the coasts of Angola, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and a spate of finds in the Gulf of Mexico, where Anadarko made five discoveries in 2009 alone.”

Best regards,
Oil Loving Brady

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