Climategate Cognitive Dissonance

31 Dec 2009

Hi everybody,
I’m glad you liked the music and the Polar Bear Graph.
Here is the graph and references:
It so happens that this is an Aussie graph, , and was instrumental in beginning the stopping of the ETS (Carbon Tax) in Australia. The brave journalist, Andrew Bolt, was later directly attacked as being “dangerous” by Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The world was amazed:
“In Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given the most chilling speech (PDF here) with respect to open policy debate that I have ever heard from a leader of a democratic country.”
Later, the Australian Opposition party revolted and kicked out it’s “warmist” leader and the carbon tax was stopped. Not too bad for one Aussie blogger, eh?
Let’s see if anyone in Sweden dares to do the same. Though Maggie Thauersköld-Crusell may be coming close now. She’s one gutsy lady.
Skärmavbild 2009-12-18 kl. 13.52.53 
Also, watch out when you are debating “true believers”. Don’t end up like Giordano Bruno!
Seeing them in action makes one even more convinced as to the importance of teaching Critical Thinking skills to school students.
There are psychological theories trying to explain how “true believers” behave when confronted with contradictory evidence. Its called Cognitive Dissonance. I’ve attached a .pdf version of this theory as it applies to the Global Warming Scare. Very Interesting. We’ll see if it plays out as predicted.
Have fun in Copenhagen and maybe see if any of those, now frozen, Earth globe sculptures from CoP15 are still standing.
Best regards,

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