Skeptical Sunday Science: Climategate “gone viral” ?

6 Dec 2009

Goooooood Morning!
Up and at it!
It’s fun and games time again in the scientific Media again.

even Britains biggest selling newspaper is getting it: 

Look sharp! …. and here we gooooooooooo………
Some catchy music: Hide The Decline to get you “warmed up” 😉

As we move into the Christmas/New Year season, we seem to be having some “Climategate” Scientific fireworks being let off a bit early ….
… and just before The Big Copenhagen Climate meeting too.
How …. shall I say … inconvenient.  
What fun!
But …… Is this just a case of:
“Nothing to see here … move along “?   
Nothing to see here...from the Naked Gun 2 1/2

Well…. Let’s be skeptical here shall we ….
Here are some Climategate “contrary views” just starting to pop up in the MSM (Main Stream Media) :
The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) finally says something:
Rex Murphy on Climategate
Even the very “left-leaning” John Stewart finally covers the story (very funny) 🙂
Jon Stewart Talks Climategate
So is there a big difference between the way the “Old Media” (TV & Newspapers) and the “New Media” (Internet & Blogs) cover this Climategate story?
You betcha!
Let’s look at the boring numbers – from Steve “Hockey Stick Destroyer” McIntyre – the Canadian statistician who was one of 4 Skeptical Blogs that broke the Climategate story 2 weeks ago now (Fri 19 Nov 2009).
Updating the comparisons:
“Climategate” has 32,000,000 google hits as compared to 4,080 news stories (Google)…
… while “Tiger Woods” has 29,500,000 google hits with 54,018 news stories (Google).
Although Tiger has over 10 times as many news stories, Climategate (remarkably) has more google hits than Tiger Woods (and many other famous search items e.g. Britney Spears, NFL, NBA or for that matter “climate”).
“IPCC” has 1,320,000 Google hits and 7,839 news stories (Google).
If nothing else, the numbers show an extraordinarily intense interest in this story in the blogosphere, with increasing news media interest.
As always, there is even a newer nifty catchy video: “Hide the Decline 2”, to go with the story.

This video has also “gone viral” on the Internet but not on TV/Newspapers… I wonder why?
should “Old Media” be renamed “Slow Media”? 😉
How is our dear old UNT finally reporting this story, this Sunny Sunday Morning?
Forskare är sällan helt överens
1) “En del målar upp bilden av en stor konspiration i syfte att med klimatet som ursäkt motivera statskontroll över ekonomin och människors vardagsliv. Det finns inga rimliga belägg för sådana påståenden.”
2) “…. Och om invändningarna visar sig vara bärkraftiga så måste de också påverka de politiska besluten.”,1826,MC=25-AV_ID=990847,00.html
1) Well… has UNT finally broken the story, after 2 weeks silence, and concluded that …
“Nothing to see here … move along “?
2) Is UNT leaving a path to “desert a sinking ship”?
To be fair UNT, SvD and Sydsvenskan have been about the only Swedish newspapers willing to print (some) skeptical viewpoints about the theory of catastropic man-made global warming … but maybe they still have a bit to go.  
Also ….
Is there a bit of skepticism (and numbers) finally coming into UNTs other Ledare (Editorial) article about the Swine Flu Scare too ?
Here comes another bit of Skepticism that might shock you, young children: please turn away! 😉 
Onödiga oklarheter undanbedes
Av de tio miljoner som fått sprutan i EU är hela fyra miljoner svenskar! Om det beror på att vi är lydiga och solidariska eller lättskrämda och överförsiktiga kan man ju spekulera i. “
Very Good Point!!!
And again….
“Man måste ändå ifrågasätta att varje enskilt dödsfall i svininfluensa – hittills 16 i Sverige att jämföra med de runt 1 500 som årligen beräknas dö till följd av vanlig säsongsinfluensa – rapporteras i medierna. Och trots att nästan alla avlidna hittills tillhört riskgrupperna.”
Hmmmm….. Swedens Central Bureau of Statistics(SCB) says 2000 to 3000 … but …lets give a round of applause for effort anyway.
Well … read on and be shocked!,1826,MC=25,00.html?from=nav
Lets hope that UNT can change it’s Science Scare Story ways, before it goes broke trying to “hide the decline” …
Soooo… as Police Captain Frank Drebin in “Naked Gun 2 1/2” says: “there’s nothing to see here, move along please” 

Have a restful Sunday, listen to some music 😉  Stay Skeptical and enjoy the warm Interglacial, while it lasts. 😉
Best regards,

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