Peak Oilers rise again‏

15 Nov 2009

Well … my little Peak Oilers 😉

I see that “comrade-in-arms” Prof. Kjell Aleklett at Ångström Laboratory (Uppsala University, Sweden) is riding the Peak Oil bandwagon again!

 “IEA:s officiella prognoser är felaktiga. Man överdriver produktioner som man inte har hittat…”
And Michael Lynch is not happy:
 “… implies a degree of ignorance that is astounding. At present, there is approximately 5 million barrels per day of shut-in capacity in OPEC, owing to the recession and to competition from non-OPEC countries. Nigeria, Iraq, and Venezuela between them are planning upwards of 5 million barrels per day of new production; both East and West Africa are seeing new production zones being appraised; the Brazilian presalt is likely to rival the North Sea; and this excludes the Bakken Shale, natural gas liquids, etc..” 
There are other problems for Peak Oiler Kjell Aleklett too. Starting most obviously with his cause’s many past failed predictions:


… or even a long catalogue of Peak Oil movement contradictions wonderfully described here:

The Battle For Barrels: Peak Oil Myths and World Oil Futures: Peak Oil Myths & World Oil Futures
Wouldn’t like be boring without the Peak Oilers.
Have fun on this cold autumn evening!
Best regards,
Oil-Loving Brady!

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