1.31pm Today! Rocket crashes in The Moon -> Water?

10 Oct 2009

Hello All,
Another quickie.
At 1.31pm (Swedish time), this afternoon Friday 9th October, the LCROSS rocket will crash into the Moon’s Cabeus crater ,hopefully then spurting up Water for all the major telescopes on and around the Earth to see. YAY!!!

And everybody knows that water (H2O) means:
a) something to drink,
b) we can breath the O2 part, …and…
c) we can cook dinner up there with the H2 part.
So if there is water up there then that means we can PARTY up there too!

The red dot is where it will land soon. Cabeus is a permanently shadowed crater that is thought to have frozen water lining the crater floor.
Soon we shall see! Look for the results on the news tonight.
Have fun,

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