Swine Flu problems?

22 July 2009

Hi Swine Flu Scare victims 😉
Flu-related deaths and causes of flu-like illnesses.
Here is an interesting article has just been printed about the Swine Flu Panic in the German Der Spiegel magazine.
It is an interview with the head of Influensa Reaseach of the Cochrane Foundation.
This Cochrane Founadtion is “The God” of independent medical investigators, respected around the world and has already saved millions of lives through their medical reports.
Here this article is very critical of many European countries going to vaccinate their populations agains Swine Flu:
I like this critical thinking reply( I’ve highlighted the important bits for me) :
SPIEGEL: But aren’t those the exact groups that influenza immunization is recommended for?
Jefferson: Indeed. That’s one of the contradictions between scientific findings and practice, between evidence and policy.
SPIEGEL: So, what’s behind this contradiction?
Jefferson: Of course, that has something to do with the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. But it also has to do with the fact that the importance of influenza is completely overestimated. It has to do with research funds, power, influence and scientific reputations!
SPIEGEL: So, at the moment is it reasonable to keep vaccinating against seasonal influenza?
Jefferson: I can’t see any reason for it, but I’m not a decision maker.
SPIEGEL: And what about Tamiflu and Relenza, two of the anti-flu medications that are being deployed against swine flu? How well do they really work?
Jefferson : If taken at the right time, on average, Tamiflu reduces the duration of a real influenza by one day. One study also found that it diminishes the risk of pneumonia.
SPIEGEL: Could these medications lower mortality rates associated with the flu?
Jefferson : That’s possible, but it has yet to be scientifically proven.
SPIEGEL: And what about side effects?
Jefferson: Tamiflu can cause nausea. And there are things that point toward psychiatric side effects. There are reports coming out of Japan that young people who have taken Tamiflu have had acute psychotic reactions similar to those found in schizophrenics.
SPIEGEL: So, is it sensible to use such medications at all?
Jefferson : When it comes to severe disease, yes. But under no circumstances should Tamiflu be handed out to whole schools, as is currently sometimes being done. With that being the case, it doesn’t surprise me at all that we’re already hearing reports about resistant strains of swine flu.

I wonder when our school will start vaccinating all of its 500 students?
Have fun and hope to you all alive soon 😉

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