Solar eclipse and spots everywhere‏

22 July 2009

Hello again,
Here come some nice astronomy photos to cheer you up if you are working today.
1) The Sun has just gone into total solar eclipse all over Asia today.

It is the longest total solar eclipse during this 21st Century at 6min 39sec.
A longer eclipse will happen only in 2132!WOW!

2) More of these Noctilucent “Space” clouds are now being seen at midnight all over Europe and in the USA too.
Here is the latest photo from Sweden. Beautiful!
3) Here is a photo of Jupiter’s new big black spot (at the top of the picture)
The first photo of this spot came from a countryside amatuer astronomer in NSW, Austrsalia! Good!
Something (probably a comet) whacked really hard into it’s atmosphere a couple of days ago. Amazing!

4) An finally here is the white spot just found on Venus.
Maybe it is a giant volcano erupting or some sort atmospheric storm. We shall see!

All in all … Our Solar System is an exciting place to be today!
Have fun,

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