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20 July 2009

Hi all,
Happy 40th Moon Landing anniversary!  
(watch the video here.)
First Moon Landing 1969
I was 9 years old in 4th grade at school (Maria Regina Catholic Primary School, Avalon Beach, Sydney,NSW,Australia 🙂
I remember being stuffed into the 3rd grade classroom with 2 other classes to watch it on a black and white TV.
My brother got to go home from his school (St Augustines College for Boys, Brookvale), so I was a bit jealous.  
And here are the 3 humans that did it … 40 years ago today…

The crew of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.
The descent stages really look like the bottom part of this moon-lander….
 (That’s Aldrin at the base of the Appollo  11 lander)

And here are the astronauts taking off (in the top part) to go back to Earth.
(You can see the bottom part that gets left behind on the moon)

Here is the recent photo of the Apollo 11 part left behind (taken from the LRO spacecraft now orbiting the moon)

Here is the footrpints-on-the-moon image that I was talking about this morning.
Fantastic photography!

 Here is the whole article if you can’t get the above pictures.
 And this is where all the space craft have landed on the moon so far…
Here is also the Moon-Hoax arguments and the replies.
And here are the descent stages of 4 of the 5 moon landers.

These Moon Hoaxers must really be angry today, especially seeing the lander parts on the moon (above).
But I suppose they will never acknowledge the facts even when they see them.
Have fun,

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