Science Journal Scandle

1 Jul 2009

Hi everybody,
Image: Science cover
Here is a link I have to the Science magazine controversy…

… with an answer by Science magazine itself, obviously trying to say how innocent and great Science magazine is …
I particulary like these quotes from the committee:

“Science especially those likely to be very visible or influential.”
” In the immediate future, examples will likely come from the areas of climate change, human health, and particular issues in commercial biomedicine and nanotechnology.”
“Science should act in concert with Nature and perhaps a few other high-profile journals to establish common standards. It would be undesirable to have authors choose a journal for submission based on standards, or the lack of standards, of the type discussed here.”

must institutionalize a healthy level of concern in dealing with papers that it considers for publication, 
And here is a bit of information about the trustworthiness of Scientific journals in general.
Here is a great new Australian book like Ian Plimer’s book.
THE CLIMATE CAPER Garth W. Paltridge - Click Image to Close
And here is a defence against criticism of Ian Plimers new book.
Have a great summer holiday.
Best regards,
PS. Nice graph:
Interesting book:
Spent: Sex, Evolution and the Secrets of Consumerism
Does 2 million years of human’s African savannah history matter? 

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