Swine Flu Rollercoaster Ride

3 May 2009

Hello my fellow Joyriders-of-Life,
It’s Media roller coaster time again… Yohooooooooooooooo! 

Let’s see… what is this ride called again??????……….
“If pigs could fly”? no…that’s not it…
“Flying pigs”? no, wrong again… how about…
“Pigs flew”? … we’re getting closer now….
PIG FLU!!! Yay! I knew it was something short and catchy.
If Pigs Could Fly…. Just the right music to match the intellectual level of this Media “Story”

  OK… Let’s get our story straight …
…and go directly to that fountain of world knowledge…
…Upsala Nya Tidning!…(they wouldn’t dare try to fool us…would they?)
Sverige rustar för pandemi
40 procent av befolkningen kan insjuka

 WOW!…and even ….

Fem testade för influensan i Uppsala



Holy Moley!…this sounds serious…what do the other world papers say..
… (no disrespect meant to UNT, of course …)
Let’s try …oh… let us choose wildly … say… in Australia? …


Even the INTERPOL police are scared stiff by the dreaded Pig Flu…


I won’t make any “appropriate” comments on this.  

And the Egyptians are doing really atrocious pig cullings due to this Media driven scare …



OK…OK… Let’s apply some Critical Thinking to these news stories…

….lets get down to the raw data…


“The scientific information given to the media [23 April 2009] during the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public briefings bears little resemblance to the versions that have made most of our nightly news and newspapers.” …



…Oh deary me…how could this be???…what was really said at these briefings???…


“We are doing more testing now and looking more aggressively for unusual influenza strains,” she (Director Dr. Anne Schuchat] said. “So we haven’t seen this strain before, but we haven’t been looking as intensively as we are these days.”

…Oh…that makes sense…maybe the media should have mentioned that too….

“The CDC’s laboratory has only been able to identify the same strain of swine flu as seen in the U.S. in seven of the 14 samples sent to it from Mexico. They cautioned that not all of the reported flu cases from Mexico may actually be confirmed cases of swine flu. No clear data is available.”

 So… there are only 7 strange flu deaths in Mexico and these may not be swine flu at all?????!!!!!!!!!


How many people die from the normal flu in the US every year?

“Princeton biologists estimated that from 1979 to 2001, annual deaths from influenza in the U.S. averaged 41,400. About a thousand times more people die every year from influenza than have from swine flu, yet there are no nightly death counts on the news during flu season each year”


Is there possibly money in this Pig Flu Scare for our Media? …

And possibly some status to be gained for our lovable politicians and bureaucrats?….

Well… I’ll let you answer that one….
WhenPigsFly.jpg image by kailuasands

But….all this all seems a bit “over the moon” to me…

Fly me to the Moon…. :Julie London sang it better than Frankie Boy,
….I think so anyway.

Fly me to the moon -julie london-

Well…I’ll tell you what….

If my students see any flying pigs during our upcoming Hågadalen Science excursions…

… then I will order them to shoot the buggers down! …they will like that I suppose :-)…

[Carl Linneas did this to birds during his famous 200+ student outings along Hågadalen in the 1740’s….

  …. so I suppose shooting flying pigs would be in the same spirit of “Biological investigation”????… Yes???


…. active student participation in lessons and all that…or…… collecting “scientific samples” I could call it!

 Yum…yum… I love ham sandwiches…


 Anyway back to scouting for the Hågadalen trips,

 Happy Spring!

 Yours truly,

 Ham loving Brady

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