Kepler and OCO‏

8 Mar 2009

Hello everybody,

Have you been waiting up for Kepler too? 
Yep, Kepler is on the way up! Whoooooo!!!!
 Kepler, satellite
The Kepler satellite is now on its way to specifically look for Earth-like planets around Sun-like stars. Fan-BLOODY-tastic!


For the Star Trekking Kepler satellite:
Star Trekkin
But …the big question is: Is there really life on any Earth-like planets out there?

Where Kepler will look.
Here is a link that I thought gave a more balanced view of the chances for life out there than the normal enthusiastic NASA PR-machine generated press releases.

I liked this straight talking quote, that you don’t often see in the press:
“If, on the other hand, we don’t find any, that will be another profound discovery. It will mean that Earths must be very rare, we might be the only life in our Universe. In fact, it will mean there will be no Star Trek.”
All the more room to build sommarstugor I say!


I hope it doesn’t end up like the $280 million CO2 surveying satellite, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO), that was lost a few weeks ago. Its nose cone failed to seperate …so it did a big swan dive back into the ocean north of Antactica. Bummer!
[Critical Thinking Question: If the stated (political?) purpose of OCO was to quantify the “man made global warming” gas CO2, and if there is no evidence that that CO2 is causing GW, then … would OCO have been a waste of money anyway?]

However .. those cheeky Canadians already seem to be doing the same job with a mini $300,000 satellite.


“The CanX-2 micro satellite, shown a bit smaller than actual size (10 x 10 x 34 cm) “

These damn “colonials” are always an embarassment to the Yanks! 😉
But… thinking about it …maybe there is more to the OCO crash than meets the eye ….   
Maybe that demented Green Goddess: Gaia is trying to tell us something here..????….
Gaia by Lisa Hunt
For our Bad Girl Gaia:
Bad Dog Baby FF Style  

Now … who is down there in the ocean around Antarctica this time of year?
Well …. of course the enviro-activists on the black “pirate” ship Steve Irwin are down there, up to their usual tricks …
 …you know…

… busy ramming other ships that don’t agree with their culinary cultural tastes..
..the OCO… 
“splash[ed] into the ocean near Antarctica, where a group of environment ministers from more than a dozen countries met Monday to get the latest science on global warming”

So … maybe The Great Earth Mother Gaia is being suicidal again. She has a past history of attempted suicide … 
…you know …
1) Ceating 3 icy Snowball Earths,
2) Meteorite induced mass extinctions,
3) Oxygen poisoning of the atmosphere,
4) Continental crashes making great deserts,
5) Volcanic Traps poisoning the air
And now…and now…
6) Trying to kill off her “high priests” who are trying to save Gaia’s skin from “environmental catastrophe”!…
… by sending half a ton of carbon seeking metal shooting in their direction! Trying to crash it down on their heads!…
Bad Girl, bad bad girl Gaia! Shame on you! Aja Baja!

Maybe …the CO2 satellite was still working after all!
Maybe it was seeking the largest concentrations of Hot Air exhaled on this planet.
Yep, that must be it!
Too bad it missed. (Bad thoughts Brady…bad, bad, bad…) 
… let us all wish a merry 3 year mission to our intrepid Kepler satellite…
“to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”,

BUT…if there is no life out there …
…then I’ll be first in line for very first spaceship queue to the stars …
…with my Furu planks of wood and my Mora red paint!
Have a warm coming week!
Best regards,
Carbon Loving Brady

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