Isn’t she beautiful!‏

20 Dec 2008

Hello everybody,
This is Enceladus. Isn’t she beautiful!
Craters and cratered terrains are rare in this view of the southern region of the moon's Saturn-facing hemisphere.

This image has just been released by NASA after the Cassini spacecraft whizzed by Enceladus, diving down to within 25 km of it’s surface.
Note the BLUE LINES all over this southern hemisphere view. This is NEW water ice.
Enceladus is the 2nd of Saturn’s 7 big round moons, just out past the rings (though it’s only about 1/1000 the size of our Moon). You can see tiny Enceladus, in the Satrun image below, on the right of the line (the rings seen edge-on) across Saturn.
Moon Patrol
This moon had recently been found to have water geysers (like Yellowstone’s Old Faithful) spurting out from it’s south pole and the Cassini spacecraft was rerouted to dive down to “taste” the water in these “fountains”.

What is under the the ice? Who know’s … but there is warmth, water and very simple organic compounds under the ice … and when these three conditions come together… there may very well be …… well… we shall see what future facts bring! 
What a wonderful world we live in!
… And on that note … 
I would like to wish all of you, and your families, a merry christmas, a happy new year and exciting prosperous 2009.
Very best regards,

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