French about Greens about Oz‏

11 Feb 2009

Hello all,
Some of you have been asking me about the current Australian bushfires.
Every sane person knew that the Global Warmers would try to use the Aussie fires for their own political gain. Like Barry Brook, well know Australian climate alarmist, quoted lovingly in UNT today –,,MC=3-AV_ID=864541,00.html
I mean, they tried it with Hurricane Katarina, The Thailand Tsunami etc. …. and now the Aussie Bushfires.

However, to get the other side of the story that our friends in UNT, SvD etc. are disinclined to tell,
then have a look at the views from real people-on-the-ground in Oz :
Greenie ineptitude –
Government incompetance –,25197,25032972-5006785,00.html
and more about Australians’ anger at the “Idiot Greens” again –
and this has all happened many times before –,21985,25025375-5000117,00.html
It would have been interesting to have satellites during the 1851 bushfire:
“In our recorded history, there has been no bushfire as spectacular as February 1851 – on the very eve of the first gold rushes. They called it Black Thursday. Half of Victoria seemed to be on fire. A wild northerly was blowing, and it drove such a column of black smoke right across Bass Strait that one town near Devonport was so darkened in mid-afternoon that people actually thought the end of the world had come.”
Here is what it looked like on Monday 9 February 2009
But I especially like this quote about how Australians today really think about “the stone-hearted Greens” who are blaming these tragic bushfires on supposed man-made global warming (Please excuse “the french” ie. swearing):
We’ve lost two people in my family because you dickheads won’t cut trees down,”
Time for me to go outside and cool off in some of the Swedish global cooling …
…that we surprisingly seem to get about this time every year.

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