Are penguins smarter than humans?

23 Jan 2009

Hello all,
Can you see the smile on this penguin’s beak and the cheeky sparkle in his eye?
He knows something … but isn’t telling US!
(Mt Erebus, Antarctica)
Well … what is happening down there? Let’s look at this scientifically …
Whoa!!! Antartica has just turned RED! (or Green )
Wait on … a few years ago it was BLUE!
Holy Moley! …What’s going on down there?
Let’s bring in the Critical Thinking skills and look at the raw data…
Where are all those damned Antarctic white weather boxes anyhow?…
Shoot! There are only 3 thermometers covering the WHOLE of inland Antarctica!
Well, never mind, lets see what a couple of these show…
First up is Vostok Station (#15). Any trends pointing up to heaven?

Nope. Flat as a pancake.
How about we head straight for the South Pole (#1)

Struck out again. Dead horizontal.
Blast! Where the heck is all this heat coming from???!!!
Calm down Brady, let’s get back to Nature… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
Heavens to Betsy! What are all those RED DOTS doing in Western Antartica?
Eureka! Vol-BLOODY-canoes! Masses of them!
And By-George! Here’s one of them going off now!
But … surely the Jan 21 Nature article talks about THE VOLCANOES…???
This is a scandle! Someone should tell The Government!
Oops…too late!

Gore to talk to Congress on global warming

January 22, 2009 11:26 AM
Former Vice President and Nobel laureate Al Gore will testify to Congress next week on global warming, Senator John F. Kerry announced this morning.
Is all this just a coincidence? …. and what is “Political Intelligence”??????…… 
Well I suppose:
Art has it’s Masters and its forgers…
Sport has it’s Champions and its dopers …
Science has its Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology …
and then we have: environmental and climate “science”… 
I think I’m going to take the next direct flight from Arlanda down to the South Pole ….
….and wring that blasted know-it-all penguin’s neck!
Have a cool weekend,
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