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11 Jan 2009

This popped up on the Science Blogsphere a few days ago and I thought you might apreciate it (don’t show this to the children!)

 The Brits seem to be up to their usual humour in their unusual snow…
Samtidigt – i SMHI:s kristallkula
UNT said that SMHI seems to know something that the rest of the world doesn’t.,,MC=77-AV_ID=848949,00.html
One wonders why SMHI thinks Sweden is warming when …
…that’s right, the rest of the world is still cooling!
How lucky we are to live in Sweden. 
But maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised with SMHIs politically correct press releases…
…other big government climate prediction departments are making similar failed predictions…  
… and being laughed at by the science community too…

Australian CSIRO and BoM
UK Met Office

Now wouldn’t life be a little bit boring without SMHI?
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