So you think we have problems!‏

10 Dec 2008

Hello there again my long suffering public,
Here comes another new nifty little image of our happy world today.

Do you see that Great Big Blue Spot in the centre of our charming planet?
Now, …. considering that the Pacific Ocean wraps itself around about one third our wonderful globe…
… and that already the massive blue patch above seems to be spreading….
… and that this cold PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) generally lasts for about 30 years…
….then I’d make a wild guess …that my inconvenient friend Al Gore …
….will be sleeping with his winter-woolies on for many years to come. 
Now …. if you are really looking for a spot of warm weather.. then why not try …Arp 147 
(courtesy of our just-returned-to-life: Hubble Space Telescope, Yay!)

The pinkish lens shaped galaxy on the left has just shot through the heart of the galaxy on the right…
… leaving behind in its wake only the bright blue ring shaped splash pattern ..
… and its destroyed red galactic nucleus (at the bottom of the ring)…
Now…that’s what I call an Inconvenient ….Global Warming!
Have a warm day,

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