Recycling Problems

5 Nov 2008

Here are some references questioning the idea of Recycling.

Book Cover

The last reference above and also the ones below are episodes from some great Penn and Teller Bullshit series. 
When your get past the swearing, their “trademark” 🙂 then they present some well researched critical thinking about the near lunacy of the Green movement. Penn and Teller are members of The American Skeptics Society as is James Randi, the magician who exposed the UFO, Spoon Bending, Ghost etc nuts in the 1970s and 1980s. 
Problems with Global Warming Theory
Problems with Environmental Hysteria
Problems with Endangered Species
You can find just about all of the other Penn and Teller episodes on YouTube as well.
They are quite fun to watch I think. 
You decide.
Have fun.
Best regards,

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