Getting that warming feeling?‏

16 Nov 2008

Hello there again fellow Critical Thinkers,
I thought you might like to know about the latest scandal buzzing around the world’s Science blogsphere.
First … a question : Can you see anything wrong with this map of a cooling October 2008 world?

Do you maybe see that Dirty-Great-Bright-Red-Spot in the top right hand corner of the map?!!!
Could there possibly be something wrong with some of the temperature readings going in to make up this map? ….
Possibly in … Russia ??????
Well … NASA’s climate department called GISS missed it!
…. And it now seems to have happened many times in the past too …. 
Amazing! … and the whole scientific world now seems amazed as well.
In case you think that this is a trivial concern in life …
 …. then please be reminded that this same GISS tells governments around the world
 … much man is warming the world
……so eg. the Swedish government knows how much extra to tax us?  
This incident will go down in the history books I’m sure.
See also
Anyone fancy a cheap Sun Holiday in Siberia this christmas?   
Have a great week!
Best regards,
Your intrepid correspondent,

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