Critical Thinking about the Peak Oil Movement

21 Oct 2008

 The main criticisms against the people supporting the Peak Oil theory are
 1) They cherry picks the facts (don’t tell the whole story).
 2) They say that every oil expert is wrong but themselves. 
 3) They get emotional and can’t believe that they may be wrong.
 4) They have been wrong many times in the past.
a) There have also been many media articles critical of “The Peak Oil Scare” for example …
First, an article by the oil industry expert that the Peakoilers hate the most: Michael Lynch  , who precicted the “bubble” would pop

Find other articles BY him on the net too.
Then there is also this one about the failed predictions of Peak Oil
… and this one of many new oil discoveries (that Peak Oil says are not happening) giving other reasons why sometimes oil seems in short supply …
and finally a roundup of the present overall energy situation…

b) The PowerPoint slide attached (Peak Oil Criticism.ppt) shows the data ie. We are have always found more oil than anticipated and we have increasing reserves for the future. See Bjorn Lomborg The Skeptical Environmentalist Chapter 8 p118 for more references. I’ll bring he book tomorrow.
c)  Have a look at this site fora skeptical blog containing many anti-Peak Oil facts, especially Friday 19 September.
d) A recent book by an oil expert critical of the “Peak Oilers” (with many independent references) is
The Battle for Barrels: Peak Oil Myths & World Oil Futures
You can click on this Amazon icon to read the first chapter and get a feel of the “other side of the argument”

That’s all for now.
Best regards,

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One Response to Critical Thinking about the Peak Oil Movement

  1. hunter says:

    Nice summary, thanks.

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