Inflated Inflatons

South pole BICEP2 telescope could have found the swirling fingerprints of our Universe’s inflation in our Inflaton. 0.5×10-37 secs after the Big Bang, popping-in gravitons decayed our part of the Inflaton producing gravitational waves. Let’s hope we’re “seeing” it now BICEP 2 telescope
BICEP 2 gravitation wave graph central region    BICEP 2 gravitational waves from the inflationary era 3
More good news! Malaria deaths down 29% since 2000. New HIV infections worldwide total since 2001 decreased 33% & 52% in children. Aids-related deaths down by 30 % since 2005. New tuberculosis cases falling & deaths down 45% since 1990. Maternal deaths during pregnancy and childbirth are down 50% since 1990. Polio down to 406 cases worldwide & Guinea Worm from 3 million in 1980 down today to just 3! WOW!
World Malaria Report 2013  HIV infections down by one third and by one half in children Polio almost eradicated in the world Maternal deaths decreasing worldwide
And … the battle against Bad Science continues. Top US scientific misconduct investigator resigns saying his ORI department is “secretive, autocratic and unaccountable” allowing “corruption, incompetence, dishonesty and fabrication” to flourish in Science. Oh dear.      
New UN climate report ignores its own science. “In every case, institutional scientists gained a lot of funding from the scare and then quietly converged on the view that the problem was much more moderate than the extreme voices had argued.” Not good. 
However, more people are abandoning poverty-making Earth Hour thinking. Good       
[Earth Hour™ being owned by Aussie newspapers (p80) & the Dark-Sided Panda WWF]
Free Time future  Second Machine Age - expanding into our future free time lives of play and helping others
Technology now races apace … with higher wages, in unforeseen, more pleasant jobs with more freetime and ever cheaper needs. So, lets expand into our brilliant future of under-employed lifestyles where we look for further ways to play and help others … … by increasingly showing the signs of rational minds.
Inflaton trying Brady

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Pleisto Probers,
Searching for truths from the past? Well, plan on digging deep.
Homo antecessor on English mudflats 800 000 years ago
Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprint Homo antecessor's Happisburgh storm dug beach with footprints on the dark fossil mudflats Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprint directions of walking Homo antecessor's 3D photogrammetric footprints
Pleistocene Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprints found and now washed away on English storm dug Happisburg beach pushing out Neanderthals as the earliest Europeans.  Science journal admits its evidence gold standard: p-value statistics is wrong. Oh dear. The beauty of science; “the more you find out, the more you realise what you did not know.” 
Paleofantasy One - Daryl Hannah as Ayla in Clan of the Cave Bear film  Paleofantasy Two - 21stC humans trying to revert to a paleo Golden Age Best Evolved state
Movie stars, weather forecasters & politicians thinking they are each other are going native with death-spiral™ climate paleofantasies. Then calling for the purging of rationally opposing skeptics & scientists. Oh dear, back to the paleo-Soviet 1950s? EUs most enviro-scared & “in a bubble” Sweden invests heavily in olden solar & wind power as Uber-Green neighbours cut back furiously. Is Paleoenergy a fear driven tax money supported fantasy? 
UK floods blamed on Global Warming by politicos, Greens & Media until … a 2005 UK Environment Agency policy directive is found saying – “Let it flood“. Apologies? Not.       UK Met Office in Nov predicted a drier than normal winter. 13 of 14 wrong. What a mess.
 UK Floods - river dredging stopped by UK Environment Agency in 2005  UK Floods in a Met Office predicted drier-than-normal winter Met Office 13 of 14 UK predictions wrongUK floods PM Cameron lost in Climate & Green Ideology
As the famous world factist Julian Simon noted – people were inclined to believe the very worst about anything and everything; they were immune to contrary evidence just as if they’d been medically vaccinated against the force of fact. I blame our paleofantasizing Homo antecessor brains for driving today’s prelapsarian pseudoscience.
  Planck Universe All Matter Lensing Map Planck Universe Supernovae data do not fit 
Sweden’s Feb 2014 Celsius Prize winning Planck satellite cosmologist George Efstathiou digs deep into the data producing a map of all the matter in our observable Universe (WOW!) …but questions the Universe expansion rate. New physics coming?Sweden’s Feb 2014 Linnean Prize winning evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk inveighs against  “paleo-nostalgia” —the notion that we were all better off before agriculture, or civilization, or the Industrial Revolution. There has been no point in our past when we were perfectly adapted to our environment. No perfect past diet, energy, lifestyle, climate, ecosystem ever existed. We have already evolved away (new lactose persistent genes) from our past and are molding ourselves to our world as it changes again. 
Paleofantasy - the book 2013 - Madelene Zuk - human evolution continues and we are not the same as then Meat to Salad - correct ratio is 2 to1
Our Pleistobrains are now being adapted to our 21stC globalising world through mind tools such as critical thinking. Just like the 3Rs (reading, writing & arithmetic) the 4th R (reasoning) is spreading up through the generations now leaving us less gullible, deceived & deluded by today’s primal scares. Let’s dig in to that! :-)   
Paleofactasizing Brady

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Best Year Ever Again

Happy Hominans,  
Well well well, we’ve won once again  :-)   
     Optimism 1           Optimism 2
By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been. People are living longer, healthier lives.” Food access is up: The USDA is now projecting world record harvests [again] for corn, wheat, and rice for 2013/2014.” growing 30% faster than population, trebling since 1960. Great!
Africa with the world rushing ahead to a bright future
Even in sub-Saharan  Africa life spans are up to 57 years and schooling up to 75%. World poverty is down over 80% in 40 years. Global income is equalising thanks to the new middle classes of the emerging economies.  Global economic growth is accelerating 800%exponentially while population grew by 300%.
Global Poverty Rates declining rapidly - Chen and Ravillion 2010  Global Income - increasing for most of the world  Global GDP rising rapidly - Pielke 2014 Global Income - from a 1960s camel world to a 2014 dromedary world 
This calls for a  song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 

Origins of Us - hominans on the African savannah - getting better all the time   
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when, Sometimes I never want to see you again, I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear, You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, Still the one — and I wouldn’t switch,
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note 
:-) Europe abandons its climate-CO2 policies & cuts out wind and solar subsidies amidst rocketing energy costs, plummeting economies and massive job losses. Global warming Prof Turney disobeys his captain and gets 51 enviro-tourists and Media stuck in record high Antarctic ice while searching for no ice - 4 fossil fueled rescue ships called in :-)
Three skeptics make UK Energy & Climate politicians look like clever dugongs. So many scientists sold their skeptical souls for grants & groupthink, fame & fortune. What a waste.
Sun sets on the Solar industry  Green Taxes double UK energy costs Global Warming scientists stuck in Antarctic Ice while looking for no ice UK Energy and Climate politicians lose out to 3 skeptics
Elsewhere, the Gaia space probe is now detail-mapping 1/3 of our Galaxy, like Columbus bringing home a satillite map of both Americas, instead of his Carribean scrawl. Wow!         Also, our democracy and civilisation attains new heights driven by ordinary individuals’ choices not ideologies “… monogamy reduces crime rates, including rape, murder, assault, robbery and fraud, as well as decreasing personal abuses . . . increases savings, child investment and economic productivity.” More opportunities for meritorious monogamy!
 Gaia space probe now mapping one third of our Galaxy in 5 years    Marriage and Monogamy making Civilization better
Our “But, but, but …” misguided missing-evidence Malthusian pessimists continue their contiguous 5000 year long losing streak. Just a bit of bad luck Boys? From the hominan heavens to our human hearts … 2014 should make us even better, and be exciting too.  :-)
Reasonably Optimistic Brady

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Christmas Elves

Earth Wind Map: entrancing, ephemeral, mesmerising, hypnotic, wonderful. Lone Java Script learner Cameron Beccario in Japan beats hands down Big Gov NCEP & NOAA with their dull monocrome US only try. Lesson learned? -Notemore Bottom Up not Top DownNote
World Wind Map - north polar view    Comet ISON and solar close shave 1 Dec 2013  Europa - moon by Galileo space probe and water vapour data by Hubble Space Telescope (2012)
Comet ISON defied scientist’s doom predictions (sound familiar?) and survived it’s solar close shave. NASA “finds” water fountains erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa one week after US Congress cuts their Europa space probe. Hmm … But Europe’s ESA Europa probe goes ahead. Politicized space science anyone? :-)
Bicycle Helmets - more group think and fear than sensible science   World Agricultural Output Continues to Rise
The BMJ shows bicycle helmets are more about fear & fashion, profit & power & public pressure than safety & science. Interesting. Bicycle helmeteers : Dutch 0.1%, Sweden 15%; US 38% & Australia is … banning biking ;-)World agricultural output continues to rise, despite predictions of decline“. Good! Another pretense of knowledge by our Malthusians.
      Bad Pharma - how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients      Winter Cold brings excess deaths to the elderly       Excess Winter Deaths increasing due to higher electricity bills due to higher green energy costs    Environmentalism Fails - David Suzuki (Canada's Top Green) complains of the weakness of others 
Big Medicine are now being shamed into releasing their own drug trial results to relieve their patients’ “avoidable suffering & death“. Big Enviros hightest paid man US EPA’s John Beale is jailed for $1 million in fraud. UK Big “New” Energy & EU Big Gov team up to increase energy poverty & excess winter deathsWhere the corruption and personal enrichment ends and mere incompetence begins is hard to ascertain …”Hobbit 2 - out of the sickly wood on to the open waters
When did we let evil become stronger than us?” Tauriel, more critical thinking can help. Banishing cherry-picked data and logical fallacies will drive these parasite-like orc packs from our 21stC elvish-becoming globalising lands.
Human Brain Connectome or brain wiring diagram  Connectome by Sebastian Seung - mapping the electrical circuits of our brains neuron by neuron   Elvish Peacefulness ahead - Steven Pinker book
So, lets get mapping the electrical circuits of our ape brain Connectome, seeing how these “evils” can be controlled & so produce even more elf-like wonders in humans & our world. 
Hobbit too Brady :-)

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Alien Thinking

Whodathunk? Not many it seems.
World weath increasing around the world  Optimistic facts (about nutrition, health, education etc.) are not trendy thoughts, nor Media money makers. Swedish statistics display innovator Hans Rosling shows beautifully how the poor are getting richer faster than the rich in all countries in greater numbers :-)
Ignorance of people fueled ny the Media  Nutrition Advice Fatally Flawed 
Testing also shows that we Westerners now know less about basic world facts than random banana snatching chimps. He blames The Media, I blame our ape-made brains. 40 years of Food Advice fibs flood the nutrition world. Now food advice skepticism is growing. Good!Haiyan crossing the Phillipine coast  Typhoon intensity decreasing  Typhoon naturally produced Typhoon landfalls decreasing
Typhoon Haiyan vs The Media – Typhoon says: busiest season 1964, not 2013; Catagory 4 storm, not 5; landfall wind speeds 235 kmph, not 235 mph; mortality 1774, not 10 000; natural, not globally warmed. The Media says the opposite. Groan, again.   
Green Crap - UKs prime minister is feeling the public pressure too  Japan abandons CO2 decreases   Australia stops the carbon tax too Green trend decreasing worldwide
UK, Japan & Australia drop The Green, with Canada applauding on. Trend lines anyone? Science is not the enemy. Getting risks right & checking scientific claims is a must. An even better world will be based on skeptical-tested evidence & reason, not on ideology (-ists). 
 Solar Interstellar Neighborhood  Exo-Planet Candidates - Nov 2013  Earth size habitable zone planets abound  Kepler field of view - looking and finding earth like habitable zone planets  
Alien Life Forms maybe just 12 light years away
NASAs Kepler exoplanet searching satellite is now defunct but its researchers boldly make assumptions where no man has dared before. They posit non-boring life among 40 billion Earthy worlds, some just 12 light years away, modelled on only 10 candidates, based on no  Earth orbit-like Earths surveyed! But hey, let’s be constructive ;-) and not be strangers in our own land, so we can tell about our terrific terrestrial truths, when we meet “them”.
Alien fact loving Brady

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Toxic Tonics

The Scientific Method, a healing brew to most sciences, a debilitating poison to some. Good.
Galaxy at 13.1 billion years old - most distant as at Oct 2013  Dark Matter not found in the Xenon 1000 detector ... yet
Galaxy z8_GND_5296 is now the farthest, at confirmed redshift 7.51 or 13.1 billion years ago, only 700 million years after the Big Bang. However, the Dark Matter that made the galaxies has not been found … yet, by the 20x more sensitive LUX experiment. Keep on looking! Conversely, The Economist bravely battles to clean up “dirty” science, showing how up to 80% of the “soft” sciences (blue squares) can be wrong (dark blue). Oh dear. 
      False positive science papers can make up to two thirds of peer reviewed articles        Global Warming - making our world a happier place
The Global Warming hypothesis fails more testing as evidence against the UNs IPCC CO2 cools out below all predictions. But not to worry, the UN has also just appointed a 26 strong PC-spread UNESCO board of catastrophe friendly politicised scientists (incl. IPCCs head -Pauchari) to provide “up-to-date and rigorous science” to “influence” politicians. Groan.
UNs IPCC AR5 (2013) is more certain with contradictory evidence   UNs UNESCO supporting politicized science around the world Greenpeace NOT Peaceful protest at Russian Arctic oil rig  Stray Cats - Runaway Boys (1981)
Also, we’re-saving-the-world Greenpeace’s slow & clipped video contradicts the Russian coastguard’s full version of these CO2-driven “Arctic-30 hooligans” in action. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive -Marmion -Walter Scott (1808)
Note Time for a song: Stray CatsRunaway Boys (1981) Note… for our Lost Boys of Science :-)
Consiousness as a reverberating feedback signal Consiousness as a signal crossing a threshold of ignition Consciousness arising in the central thalmus giving global ignition through rich club neurones Consiousness contemplating the joy of our Universe under a starlit tree
Good science requires conscious control. What’s that? Well, consciousness is, suggests neuroscience evidence, the central thalmus neurone loops, activating the whole cortex, through richly connected neurone nodes. Scientific control comes through slavish addiction to the scientific method and logical argumentation. These are toxic tonics to fantasy world views, but also make our world even better daily … good enough to enjoy & ponder together our Universe’s edges under some starlit greenery.
Consciously Contemplating Brady

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Atomly Active

Factual Fanatics,
242 movie stills of 1 nanometer distant oxygen atoms in 65 carbon monoxide molecules on a copper atom base at a 5K temp makes the “coolest” active atom application ever :-)   
Atoms and their boy movie
   Atoms and the nanometer  Atom moving nanotechnology 2
Reducing 1 bit from 1 million atoms down to 12 in an iron (Fe) magnet, brings quantum computing benefits (storing all the world’s movies on your iPhone) much closer. WOW!
Nick Lewis 1 IPCC AR5 black observation now below and outside  all 38 climate model predictions David Attenborough smiles at his human plague
If skeptics sayblack!” but 97% of climate scientists (& politicians & Media & Enviros) see red, then, is this a problem? :-) Observations are now decoupled below all climate models. Sir David (smiling) gets his human population “plaguebackwards with our numbers and “peak farmland” in decline as food yields, species & wildernesses increase. Oh dear David.
    Brainwashed - how coloured pictures too easily make minds believe they understand the brain  Happy and Sad brains or just scientists making mistakes again   Touching a Nerve - Patricia Churchland on brain possibilities or overcoming the neurones versus sychology problem
Is that just peaking oxygen in your brain or are you happy to see me? Neuroscientists seduced by flashy colours or a scintilating new technology solving millennia old dilemmas?
Astronomy Picture of the Year 2013 - A hydrogen filled sky - our Milky Way galaxy from New Zealands North Island
Finally, hydrogen atoms never looked so gorgeous as from Cape Palliser, New Zealand clinching 2013s best astrophoto of our Galaxy’s center, 26000 light years distant.
Fascinated Atomic Factist Activist Brady :-)

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